Wednesday, April 24, 2013

proxmox tips

To force a vm to shutdown you can't do it from the web interface so instead you'll have to ssh in and use your root username and password.  Once you're ssh'd in type:
qm shutdown <vmid> -forceStop
more details at:

Proxmox is a nice setup overall, but the java vnc interface to view the desktop of the vm is just lousy.  A way around that is to ssh in and go to the /etc/pve/nodes/proxmox/qemu-server directory.  In the 1##.conf file (where 1## is the id of the VM), put the following lines:
args: -vnc
You can do this with each vm, just make sure the change the number after the last colon, as
each vnc connection has to be on it's own port.  Then you can vnc using your favorite vnc viewer, and use the ip address/hostname of the proxmox server followed by a : and the number that's at the end of the line you put in the VM's config file.  In this case it would be "vncviewer proxmox-machine:10"

More details on your vnc options and proxmox are at:

For tips on how to deal with the screen resolution of linux in a VM (both X and console):

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